Masumi Suzumisake Junmai Ginjo

Masumi Suzumisake Junmai Ginjo

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A must-have seasonal release from one of Japan's premier sake brands!

Crafted using white koji, Suzumisake has a bright acidity that blends beautifully with the lively, fresh, and fruit Ginjo characteristics. Expect vibrant notes of juicy pear, green banana, and lemon yogurt balanced by a subtle sweetness mid-palate leading into a refreshing and long-lasting finish. Perfect for light summer dishes, sashimi, seafood salads, and Ceviche. 

Availability: August-September
Rice: Miyamanishiki and Yamadanishiki
Seimaibuai (Polishing Rate): 55%
Alcohol: 14 %ABV
Serve: Chilled